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7 Common Excuses For Not Entering Drug Rehab And How To Overcome Them

For anyone who has a drug addiction the decision to enter a drug rehabilitation program is a positive one, but not one that every drugs user makes enthusiastically. Often it will be their partner, family, or even their doctor who implores them to seek help, and may even give them an ultimatum in that regard.

One of the most common scenarios that transpire when someone who is addicted to drugs has to face up to entering a drug rehab program is they espouse one or more excuses as to why they should not or cannot enter. For every excuse, there will be a reply that debunks or dismisses it, and if that happens, another excuse is likely to be produced.

This back and forth can be extremely frustrating for the loved ones who care about the person addicted to drugs and wants them to seek the help, care and support they need to find ways to stop drinking or recover from that addiction. If any of that sounds familiar, then here are seven of the excuses your loved one may use, along with answers to try to overcome omen them and hopefully make them see the sense of entering drug rehabilitation.

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