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Your Easter Survival Guide

Your Easter Survival Guide

It’s the countdown to Easter and to lots of yummy chocolate but have you ever wondered why a rabbit delivers eggs made of chocolate for us to eat??

The Easter Bunny, as we know him, originated from German settlers who migrated to America in the 1800’s. The “Oschter Haws” or Easter Hare was a European Spring time Santa, judging whether children had been good or bad. The Easter Hare would carry a basket of coloured eggs, sweets or toys to give as gifts the night before Easter. The gifts would sometimes be left in the house or garden for children to find, hence the origin of the Easter Egg Hunt.

These days whether we have been good or a bit naughty we all love a bit of chocolate at Easter. However as always, The Moderation Bunny hops along to remind us that overindulgence will have consequences! Firstly all chocolate is not created equal!

Very cheap chocolate contains ingredients which are mainly fillers like soy lecithin and the amount of actual chocolate or cocoa (from the cacao bean) is very low. Avoid brands if the first ingredient is sugar and not cocoa. Make sure you look for chocolate with minimal ingredients and a cocoa minimum of at least 70%. The higher the percentage the better as dark chocolate contains hefty amounts of disease fighting antioxidants. If you can get dark chocolate which is Fair Trade, even better!

Remember its ok to treat yourself at Easter – but ‘treats’ don’t mean eating that whole box of chocolates or indulging in a hot cross bun every day!

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